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Speed up your Braces with Accelerated Orthodontic Treatments and Devices

Ever wish you could cut the time of wearing braces? Yes, it’s possible by ‘accelerating’ the treatment. Get it? The phrase “accelerated orthodontic treatments/devices” sounds complex and could take a moment to process. However, it may just become your new best friend. Regular orthodontics combined with Propel VPro+ (a leading and innovative accelerated orthodontic device) are a match made in Heaven. Having a stunning smile has never been easier or more advantageous. Just between the minuscule daily use time and how it can be connected via Bluetooth, it already sounds perfect.

The type of orthodontic treatment your doctor may recommend, will vary on a case by case basis (and it should!). Accelerated orthodontics is used in addition to the orthodontic plan you receive. Their main function is reducing the amount of time you have needed to straighten your teeth. Propel VPro+ is a convenient and ultra-effective accelerated orthodontic device.

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

So what are accelerated orthodontic treatments and devices? Combined with braces, accelerated orthodontics work to improve your smile in record time. While not everyone is a perfect candidate for the treatment, it is something worth talking to your orthodontist about.

One of the major deterrents of the use of orthodontics is time. Many people, mainly adults, are afraid of getting treatment because they, understandably, do not want to wear braces for a few years. For the longest time, there was no catalyst to reduce the amount of time treatment was needed. Accelerated orthodontics provides a solution. All accelerated orthodontic treatments and devices work to shorten the amount of time one needs to wear braces. Propel VPro+ is similar to the other accelerated orthodontic lines in that it cuts the time down; however, it is unique in the sheer amount of time that saved through the routine use of it for a short period.

In conjunction with your other orthodontics, accelerated treatments and devices will straighten your teeth in no time. Propel VPro+ devices are FDA approved medical devices that are unparalleled in its expedience and user-friendliness. Propel VPro+ can help give users the improved self-confidence that comes with straight teeth in a sliver of the time.

“I love this device. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of my time.” – Propel VPRO user

Tooth Movement

Osteoclast activity is the controller of bone resorption which is believed to be the controller of the rate at which teeth move. Through micro-osteoperforations (MOPs), Propel VPro devices stimulates cells into osteoclast which in turn results in the movement of the teeth into the desirable positions. This is a substantial reason why the device is seen as better than others.

Types of Devices

There are two prominent devices on the market right now: AcceleDent and Propel VPro+. Propel VPro+ stands out in how effect it is without upheaving your life or schedule. It only takes 5 minutes a day, 5 minutes. That is absolutely insane; I cannot think of anything more transformative that takes as little as five minutes.

AcceleDent Optima
The AcceleDent device can connect to your phone to allow you to digitally track your progress and share it with your doctor. It is designed to be used everyday for twenty minutes alongside your other dentistry routine. Through the emission of small micro-pulses, bone growth and tooth movement is promoted. It is has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is a safe way to speed up the straightening of your teeth.

Propel VPro+
The aforementioned Propel VPro+ is also a safe method to speed up orthodontic treatment. However, Propel VPro+ is largely regarded as faster than other methods. It, as well, can connect to wireless devices. With a minimally invasive procedure and the daily use of the device for five minutes, the treatment has the same results as AcceleDent except that Propel VPRO can cut treatment time by up to 50%.

Case Studies

These are two case studies of patients who used Propel VPRO (courtesy of Propel).

Class Crowding I

  • Diagnosis: Class I malocclusion and 4mm of crowding in the upper and lower arches.
  • Treatment Modality: Clear Plastic Aligners
  • Treatment Time: 4 months
  • Case Notes: 13 aligners and 5 refinements. Patient began utilizing the VPro5 at aligner #3 and experienced excellent seating.

Class I Overbite

  • Diagnosis: Class I. Mild upper/lower crowding (1-2 mm), 20% overbite, and 2-3 mm overjet.
  • Treatment Modality: Clear Plastic Aligners
  • Treatment Time: 6 months
  • Case Notes: 24 total aligners. Patient experienced excellent aligner seating during treatment with the VPro5. Patient had a history of trauma on upper centrals resulting in a shortened root on tooth #9.

How Straight Teeth Affect Our Lives


  • Crooked teeth can cause headaches. Excessive pressure can be put on the Alveolar bone, the bone that supports the teeth and surrounding tissue. This could be a sign of the misalignment of your jaw. A side effect of this could be chronic headaches or neck pain.
  • Gum disease is more common with those who have crooked or crowded teeth. Inflammation and redness can occur when teeth do not have enough space or have too much space. Through the rapid straightening of teeth with Propel VPro+, your gums could be able to have a stable and secure grip on your teeth, thus protecting your mouth.
  • Teeth can be injured much easier when you have crowded or crooked teeth. It is shown that tooth injury can be more prevalent when your teeth are not straight. By combining traditional orthodontic treatments and Propel VPro+, you are saving yourself dentistry bills that may occur due to injury made easier due to crooked and/or crowded teeth.
  • Straight teeth are easier to clean. Brushing and flossing are much more thorough when your teeth are straight. The crevices in your mouth are able to be accessed much easier when your teeth are straight compared to when they are crooked or crowded. Cleaning your teeth at least twice a day is a bare necessity. It becomes even more major when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • And lastly, having straight teeth affects our confidence. Imagine having a beautiful smile. Now imagine having straight teeth in a fraction of the time because you used Propel VPro+. How we look at ourselves is of the utmost importance. It affects all aspects of life. Having a beautiful smile in record time can greatly boost your self-esteem. Numerous studies have proven that having an amazing smile increases how much you smile.


  • Accelerated orthodontics, while amazing, are not a perfect fit for all. It is a FDA approved method of speeding up the improvement of your smile that has numerous advantages. However, there are a few drawbacks. The cost added on to your other orthodontics can be costly and is often not fully covered by insurance, if it all.
  • The main reason for using accelerated orthodontics is to swiftly improve your smile. If you have major underlying issues in regards to your dentistry, accelerated orthodontics are not designed to fix that in a couple of months. The health of your mouth is of extreme importance, and while Propel VPro+ can make your smile absolutely beautiful, you have to focus on your health to ensure that your beautiful smile is lasting and hygenic.

About VPro+ (as described by Propel)
Propel’s VPro Series is the first and only High Frequency Vibration (HFV) product line to support both active treatment and retention in just 5 minutes per day. It is designed for at-home or on-the-go use. Its features include a convenient 5-minute wear time, gradual and comfortable ramp up to full vibration frequency, and intuitive light notifications for easy operation. The VPro+ is Propel’s latest addition, featuring a sleeker design, waterproof Vibration Device, wireless charging, compact travel case and mobile app.

  1. Charge the device fully prior to first use.
  2. Download the VPro+ mobile app and follow onboarding instructions to track your usage and share your results. Note: the app is not necessary for device operation.
  3. Connect the Mouthpiece to the Oscillator (arrow should point toward the button). Confirm that the device feels secure and stable. Note: extreme force is not necessary. If you are experiencing difficulty, please flip the mouthpiece around.
  4. While wearing your Orthodontics, place the VPro+ in your mouth and bite down gently. Depress the device button to activate vibration.
  5. The device will vibrate for 5 minutes and automatically shut off after the duration of treatment.
  6. Clean after use and charge if necessary

Your Orthodontist
When it comes to your mouth, the key part of your treatment is listening to your doctor. Researching is important, but your orthodontist is trained to guide you in the right direction, answer all of your questions, and knows best.

Whether accelerated orthodontics and Propel VPro+ seem like a perfect fit or not, you should speak to a qualified doctor who can properly meet all of your orthodontic needs. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Greg Greenberg at RxSmile today for all of your orthodontic needs to be met. Please call 972-335-1300 (Monday through Thursday) or submit an online appointment request, and we will respond within one business day.

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