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Best Mouthguard for Braces – Frisco

While wearing orthodontics (dental braces), the importance of shopping around for a mouth guard that really meets all your needs cannot be understated. The primary consideration should be whether or not it actually protects your teeth, because surprisingly, some specifications will not do the most effective job for some people. Cost and durability are important factors, but not be excluded is the consideration of if it is reasonably comfortable or not. A mouth guard that is being worn for regular sports activities needs to provide some comfort and fit well enough that you do not constantly have to rearrange it in your mouth when playing.

Factors to Consider for Sports Mouthguards

The first considerations should be cost and use. If the mouth guard is something that will not be used regularly, there is no need to invest in a more expensive type. On the opposite spectrum, if you’re engaging in a sport where contact is likely and/or the mouth guard is needed for regular use, be willing to invest a little more time and money to make sure that what you get is perfect for your needs.

Best Mouth Guard for Braces

There is a clear difference in normal mouth guards and mouth guards for braces, bearing in mind the different needs of a mouth with braces. Although some people stick with normal mouth guards when they have braces, most dentists would argue that the choice should not be optional.

Dr. Greenberg’s Mouthguard for Braces Recommendation

Dr. Greenberg recommends that a mouthguard used with braces should meet the following criteria:

  1. Mouthguards need to be molded to your teeth.
  2. Mouthguards need to be adaptable to the changing patterns of your teeth.
  3. Mouthguards should not get caught on your braces and should be strong enough to withstand rough contact.

Sports Mouthguards

The leading mouth guards for sports use are currently available from the company Shock Doctor. Within this company alone, there is a huge range of mouth guards to choose from, varying in price and use, and can even be custom-fitted for braces. This company also has a line of protective gear used by many universities and professional athletic divisions.

At the outset, these mouth guards stand out as the best in their class because of their durability, combined with the fact that they are some of the slimmest and most lightweight of their type.

If you are only looking for simplicity and a ‘one size fits all’ approach, you may want to consider the boil-and-bite mouth guards. These are mouth guards that you simply boil and then mold to your teeth. These, however, are not usually recommended for use with braces due to their bulky nature and the likelihood of the plastic catching on the braces, which could result in a costly trip to the orthodontist to either remove the mouth guard or repair the braces, neither of which is desirable. The challenge with these mouth guards is also that their flexibility can often mean that they don’t stay in place during sports games, causing distraction and stress to you as you try to focus on your sport.

It is important to note however, that despite their pitfalls, the boil-and-bite mouth guards are usually more effective than the generic over-the-counter mouth guards that may be cheaper but are made to a generic fit, usually resulting in less protection and less comfort for the user.

Shock Doctor offers numerous mouth guards that are highly preferred by athletes for both their protection and their ability to mold to the shape of your teeth.

Braces Mouthguard
Best Mouthguard for Braces – Frisco Frisco PlanoAmong the top rated mouth guards is the Shock Doctor Strapless Braces Mouthguard, seen as the best that the company has to offer. This mouth guard is manufactured from the best quality silicone, providing great durability and protection. Unlike some of its close competitors, you do not need to heat the mouth guard before use. You simply place it in your mouth and it molds to fit the shape of your teeth and braces.

If you’re looking for something durable, protective, and budget friendly, the highly recommended Shock Doctor Mouthguards are for you. Avoid recurring trips to the orthodontist with damaged braces and invest a little more in the beginning. You’ll be pleased you did.

If you want more information to be sure you are investing in the right one, read online customer reviews to see what other users thought of this product, and compare it with other competing mouth guards. Also, be advised to seek information from your coach or other athletes in your sport, as often the most reliable recommendations come from those you already know and trust. Learn more about braces and retainers – caring for your teeth.

Our goal at the RxSmile Frisco orthodontics office with Dr. Greg Greenberg is to provide highly personalized and comprehensive orthodontic care for our families in the Frisco-Plano metropolitan area. If you have questions about mouthgaurd braces and would like to make an appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Greg Greenberg, please call 972 335 1300 Monday through Thursday, or submit an online appointment request and we will respond within one business day.

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