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indirect bonding brackets


Time to get braces? Traditionally, the initial bracket bonding appointment took over an hour to individually place one bracket at a time on each tooth. With this revolutionary DIBS Al® indirect bonding system, Dr. Greenberg can precisely place custom brackets on ALL your teeth at once! Now your initial appointment takes about 30 minutes! Plus get more accurate bracket placement and better treatment results in a shorter amount of time!

Technology that improves your braces experience

You probably want to be in and out of braces as fast as you can. We get that. This is why RxSmile Orthodontics uses a system called DIBS AI. It is the most advanced technology available for moving teeth today. Getting braces used to be a slow and painful process… the doctors having to manually place and position each bracket one by one. Instead, DIBS AI shows the doctor a predicted outcome of what your teeth will look like and helps us place the brackets in the correct spot to shorten the time you have to be in braces. Then it creates trays so we can put your braces on in exactly the right spot, and fast!

“No more bracket repositioning and wire bending throughout braces treatment! Precise bracket placement the first time.”

How Indirect Bonding Process Works

We’re fortunate to live in a time where technology continues to improve and simplify our lives! Braces technology is no different! Dr. Greenberg believes in working with cutting-edge technology to improve treatment outcomes and overall experience with passive self-ligating braces. Here’s a step-by-step overview about how the indirect bonding process works and what you can expect when you come into our office:

Orthoselect DIBS AI braces indirect braces bonding appointment

Using a state-of-the-art orthodontic scanner, a 3D image is taken to create a digital model of your teeth.

Orthoselect DIBS AI braces software Dr Greenberg uses to custom create patient's indirect bonding trays

With this digital model, the DIBS AI software determines the ideal bracket position for each tooth and designs a customized bracket placement tray to perfectly fit your teeth.

Orthoselect DIBS AI 3D printed custom trays

Using cutting-edge technology, your custom tray is printed and the brackets inserted. Since it is custom made for you, it ensures extremely accurate bracket placement on your teeth.

Orthoselect DIBS AI braces indirect bonding trays

The trays are placed on your teeth, the brackets are bonded and the trays are removed. You’ll be done with your bracket placement appointment before you know it!

First we start with scanning your teeth using our iTero intraoral scanner. Imagine a wand connected to a computer. As we wave it across your teeth, it takes 100s of tiny images and stitches them together, creating instant 3D digital models of what your teeth currently look like.

Dr. Greenberg uses this digital 3D model to create each tooth’s bracket placement prescription. He places the braces on your digital teeth using his computer mouse. When he’s done, he can click an “insight” button to see where each tooth will be positioned after treatment is completed. He can adjust and fine tune the positioning of the bracket placement before the braces go on your physical teeth! This way, the brackets are being placed exactly where they need to go, from the beginning, so likely we won’t have to reposition your braces during your treatment (which speeds up your overall time in treatment).

Once Dr. Greenberg is happy with the end result and has the brackets right where he wants them, we 3D print your custom fit trays. The trays hold the brackets in the exact spot where they need to be placed based on your teeth.

The Final Step
When you come in for your braces bonding appointment (a week or 2 after the scan), we prep your teeth, place glue on the brackets in the tray, place the tray on your teeth, shine our curing light which hardens the glue and bracket to your tooth, then peel the tray off. BOOM! ALL THE BRACKETS GO ON AT ONCE, EXACTLY WHERE THEY NEED TO GO! And best of all, you walk out the door about 30 minutes later!

RxSmile Frisco Orthodontics is proud to use this latest advanced braces technology from DIBS AI by Ortho Select. Their digital study models and 3D printed indirect bonding trays make the placement of brackets fast and precise! Watch the process for yourself and be amazed!

DIBS AI by Orthoselect

If you are interested in improving your smile with braces, contact our office for a complimentary consultation. Call 972-335-1300 Monday through Thursday, or submit an online appointment request and we will respond within one business day.

DIBS AI® is a trademark and/or service mark of Orthoselect. Orthoselect has given RxSmile Orthodontics permission to use videos, photos and copy talking points to describe their products and/or services.

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