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Passive self-ligating braces for orthodontic treatment use a permanent moveable component to entrap the archwire and eliminate the need for tightening braces using elastic or metal “ties”. Dr. Greenberg exclusively uses the Pitts21 self-ligating bracket system by OC Orthodontics, which delivers faster treatment, easier cleaning, requires fewer appointments, creates less discomfort, and produces consistent, high-quality results.

Comfortable Self-ligating Braces

These brackets are designed to be comfortable, discreet, and easy to clean. By using a fixed, passive, self-ligating (self-bound) method to straighten teeth, they eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties. They are designed to secure themselves, as opposed to traditional braces, which are held in place by ligatures, or o-rings. The bracket itself actually holds the wire in place. Because they are smaller than traditional braces, food is less likely to get trapped in the brackets, and there’s no elastic ties, which tend to attract and collect plaque, as well as stain.

RxSmile orthodontist frisco brackets
RxSmile Frisco Orthodontist uses Pitts21 self-ligating braces brackets

Self-Ligating Braces

Excellence in orthodontic care for Frisco/Plano families since 1988.

Creating Beautiful Smiles

Self-ligating braces are a clinically proven approach to align your teeth, create a beautiful smile, and enhance facial aesthetics. These systems take into account not only your teeth positioning, but the shape of your face, your profile, and how your face will change as you age. Because of this unique treatment philosophy, patients often notice a change not only in their teeth, but in their face, as well. A beautiful smile can build confidence and self esteem at any age, while improving your overall oral health. Dr. Greenberg’s patients have enjoyed:

  • Fuller, wider smiles
  • Straighter, less crowded teeth
  • Enhanced facial balance and aesthetics
  • Smoother cheek contours
  • Less dark triangles around the mouth
  • Improved profiles

Passive self-ligating braces can help you achieve the perfect smile faster and easier with less inconvenience and discomfort. Trust us, these are NOT your parents’ braces! They are also available in clear brackets for those concerned with the aesthetics of braces. The brackets resist stains from coffee, tea, red wine, and other staining agents. They provides the same strength, comfort, and functionality, while giving you an even more pleasing aesthetic look.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Self-Ligating braces include:

  • Shorter treatment time
  • Fewer office visits
  • Comfort (no tightening)
  • Durable (made of high-grade stainless steel)
  • No elastic ties
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek, smooth look
  • Available in clear brackets for less visibility

Self-Ligating braces have very few disadvantages. Generally these braces cost slightly more, but many dental insurance plans typically cover these to the same extent as regular braces. Check with your insurance provider to determine your specific coverage.

If you are interested in starting orthodontic treatment, contact our office for a Complimentary Consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding treatment, insurance and financing options. Call 972-335-1300 Monday through Thursday, or submit an online appointment request and we will respond within one business day.

Get a perfect smile faster & easier with less inconvenience & discomfort.

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