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Dr. Greenberg fixed my disaster of a smile!

Caitlin Alexander and Dr. Greenberg — from 2007 to now

We love to see patients come back… years later… still smiling from ear to ear!

Recently, Caitlin Alexander stopped in for a visit and shared some personal before and after photos of her smile transformation from 15 years ago!

“Dr. Greenberg fixed my disaster of a smile! Check out that gap! Not to mention the tooth Dr. Greenberg pulled down from my gums.”

Photo shoot when my braces came off in 2008!

Now fast forward to 2021!

Dr. Greenberg and I at my visit in Nov. 2021. And of course absolutely had to add a bonus… a more recent picture with my smile not much different than when I got my braces off! ♥️♥️

Thank you Dr. Greenberg and the RxSmile Team for my amazing smile and life-long confidence!

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