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Fill in the Gaps with Aligner Seaters

You’ve invested hard-earned money in your smile with Invisalign® clear aligners, so don’t you want to get optimal results from your customized treatment plan? Then it’s essential your custom aligners fit well so your treatment progresses as Dr. Greenberg initially outlined! In your aligner kit, you’ll discover a simple little tool called a “Clenchy™ Aligner Seater” that’s vitally important to use.

What’s a Clenchy™?

In general terms, aligner seaters help your teeth ‘sit’ perfectly in each aligner tray, promoting optimal tooth movement with increased comfort. When you begin your Invisalign treatment, or each time you start using a new set of aligner trays, you’ll likely notice they don’t fit 100% against your teeth. By biting down on a Clenchy, you can comfortably and efficiently close these airgaps between your teeth and your aligners, making your aligners fit and feel better.

How does it work?

Clenchy’s have an innovative dual-sided design with both flat and curved surfaces to help ‘seat your aligners’ in place with an easy chewing motion. Each time you bite down on a Clenchy, the extra pressure allows the aligners to fit as intended, which will help straighten your teeth faster. Simply hold the Clenchy from either end and bite down like you’re chewing it. Move the Clenchy from front to back, from one side to the other, continuing to bite up and down, until you have bitten the surface using all your teeth. Then repeat the process. For optimal results do this process 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes each time. It is especially important to use your Clenchy right before going to bed so your aligners will be ‘well seated’ and tight all night long.

There are other aligner seating products on the market, but Dr. Greenberg prefers using Clenchy for these reasons:

  • Clenchy is made in the DFW metroplex … and we love to support local businesses!
  • The unique elongated design makes it easy to hold and chew, which creates less saliva and less mess for you.
  • The patented design has flat AND curved surfaces to help seat aligners in place more effectively.
  • Each Clenchy is made of an FDA registered thermoplastic polyurethane material that is firm yet flexible, and doesn’t lose its elasticity over time.
  • Clenchy’s are reusable, and they do not retain moisture nor bacteria! Simply wash with mild soap and water after each use.
  • Your Clenchy’s will last longer than other products and make your aligners fit and feel better!
  • Their compact size allows you to conveniently store them in your Invisalign aligner case to take on-the-go!
  • You can reorder budget-friendly Clenchy packs from Dr. Greenberg as needed throughout your treatment.
  • They also help with TMJ too!

The Bottom Line

Using your Clenchy regularly will ensure you finish your Invisalign treatment on time and with your desired results!

You might also try the NEW Clenchy2 — a two-in-one tool!

Just like the original Clenchy, it helps seat your aligners for optimal tooth movement. This version added a convenient hook to help you remove your aligners too!

If you have questions about how to use your Clenchy, need to reorder more, or if you need to set up a virtual appointment about your aligner fit, please CALL (469) 269-2155.

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