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Halloween Candy and Braces

Braces and Halloween Candy - A Sticky Situation!

Having braces doesn’t mean you can’t have fun enjoying some Halloween candy this year! Just be a little more careful and pay attention to which candies won’t pop a bracket or break a wire. We love seeing our patients, but we don’t want it to be because of an orthodontic emergency!

Braces-Friendly Halloween Candy

The following treats are safe to eat (in moderation) with braces:

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • York Peppermint Patties
  • 3 Musketeers bar
  • Junior Mints
  • Kit Kat Bars (break into small pieces)
  • Mounds candy bar
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • Plain M&Ms (NOT peanut M&Ms)
  • Soft-baked cookies (no nuts)
  • Pixy Stix
  • Ritz Bits or Cheez-It crackers
  • Cheese puffs
  • Cupcakes

Halloween Candy to Avoid with Braces

Got braces? Ask to trade if you find these treats in your Halloween bag:

  • Hard candies (Jolly Ranchers, Butterscotch, Peppermints, Nerds, Suckers)
  • Chewy/gummy candies (Laffy Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Dots, Hi-Chews, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish)
  • Caramel/nut candy (Snickers, Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies, Milk Duds, Almond Joy)
  • Popcorn and popcorn balls
  • Candy apples
  • Nuts
  • Gum
  • Candy corn and jelly beans
  • Doritos or any hard, crunchy chips

Braces issues?

If you indeed break a bracket or wire during your Halloween fun, you can reference this DIY Tips and Tricks video by Dr. Greenberg. Or call the front office at (972) 335-1300 during our regular business hours Mon-Thur 8am-5pm and we’ll try to get you squeezed in to fix any issues asap!

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