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Lunch & Learn – New Patient Experience

Recently Dr. Greenberg and his team welcomed a group of dentists and hygienists to the RxSmile office as part of his quarterly “Lunch and Learn” program. It was their opportunity to see first-hand the RxSmile “New Patient Experience”! Here’s a behind-the-scenes tour:

RxSmile Photo Booth Fun


Say Cheese! Everyone who walks through the door can’t resist grabbing some fun props to snap a few selfies with Dr. Greenberg (or his life-size cutout twin when he’s in the back with patients). Adults, and kids alike, giggle and smile at the opportunity to strut their stuff and act like a kid in front of a camera.


Sign-in and online patient forms are convenient and easy with iPads at the ready. Leuran and Lisa are always available to answer questions. You can also sign up younger siblings (birth through age 7) as Future Members of the Wired-Up Club. Each year we’ll send them a special surprise on their birthday.

I love the customer service from the staff. Leuran was amazing to check us in and checking us out! She has a great friendly smile. Lisa and Gayla are so very accommodating and sweet. – Caroline G.


A new patient consultation typically lasts about one hour. A member of Dr. Greenberg’s team will start by taking headshot photos in a number of directions. Then the state-of-the-art, cool stuff begins!

No more 2D x-rays. RxSmile’s office uses an i-CAT FLX Cone Beam 3D Imaging System to capture a high-definition 3D full model of the mouth and airway passages. In a few seconds, our 3D Orthodontics imaging provides a safe, effective dental image for the most precise orthodontic treatment and ability to assess any potential jaw or airway concerns.

No more goopy teeth mold trays either! The iTero scan builds a real-time, high-definition 3D model of your mouth in a few minutes. These color scanned images allow for precise clinical evaluations of the teeth.

Dr. Greenberg will complete the consultation by performing a thorough oral exam, review photos and the 3D orthodontic/airway images, and discuss what steps might be next.

Dr. Greenberg is friendly and easy going. Gayla and Leuran are so kind and helpful. The office is equipped with the latest technology, making the process so much easier! They have an i-cat scan (which is neat to see the make up of your skull) and digital impressions! No more goopy impressions, that is awesome! Kids love the iPads and the photo booth. All these things add up to easy and fun appointments! – Jodi M.


After the consultation, if braces treatment is needed, Dr. Greenberg will outline your personalized orthodontic treatment plan step-by-step. If airway concerns are revealed, Dr. Greenberg may refer you to a certified sleep physician for further obstructive sleep apnea testing to see if an oral sleep appliance might be effective. Gayla review paperwork, verify insurance and discuss our flexible payment and down-payment options through OrthoFi. If treatment is not necessary at this point, Gayla will add your contact information to our 6-12 month Observation Program where we’ll send you an appointment reminder through our two-way texting app. to review growth and development progress.

“Dr. Greenberg and his staff are so dedicated to their patients’ best interests. They are continually educating themselves on industry’s best practices, innovations and equipment as well as maintaining positive relationships with patient’s and their families. The front office is incredibly efficient and good natured. RxSmile is the best partner you can have through your orthodontic experience.” – Dundi T.

Our successful “Lunch and Learn” event is over, but our service and commitment to our patients continues every day! If you’re ready to see first-hand the “New Patient Experience” that makes RxSmile the premier, innovative orthodontist office in Frisco, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Greg Greenberg today. Please call 972-335-1300 (Monday through Thursday) or submit an online appointment request and we will respond within one business day.

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