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Mommy Burnout – Emotional Support for all Moms

Daphne Anderson, Founder of A Motivating LoveRxSmile is a proud sponsor and supporter of A Motivating Love (AML), a McKinney based non-profit organization helping and supporting women, especially moms, in all stages of their life journey. Dr. Greg Greenberg met founder and executive director, Daphne Anderson, several years ago through his office manager, Lisa. Both ladies share a bond and passion for being influencers to other moms in the North Texas community and Dr. Greenberg’s continued support has helped lay the foundation these two moms needed to achieve their vision.

As the old saying goes, hind-sight is 20/20! Daphne and Lisa, two older moms who’ve “been there, done that”, have long recognized the value of listening, motivating, sharing and the importance of self-renewal… the tools ALL moms need to find energy for themselves. “At the end the day, we don’t want moms to feel like they’re at the end of their rope too,” both ladies echoed. “Moms get depleted when caring for others, constantly pouring themselves into their children, spouse, parents, co-workers — always helping everyone but themself.”

AML was founded in 2013 to be a resource for women, especially burned-out moms! The organization is a safe place for moms to connect, vent and communicate their hearts without judgment. Daphne pointed out, “as women and moms we often times allow ourselves to get ‘caught up’ in situations or second guess our decisions. At times we may even lose our self and may not know where to turn or ask for help… You are NOT alone!” There are moms of 20-somethings, new moms, grandmothers who are back in the role of mom again… and while they’re at different stages of life they share in the same love and support to help point each other in the right direction. “Moms frequently tell us they want to be heard and want friends who will listen, and we do that,” said Daphne. “We build connections and relationships with each other as well as serve other organizations in our community like Streetside Showers, Hope’s Door and Heavenly Mimi. Our goal is to help women embrace their value, find their inner strength and promote self-acceptance through educational and motivational events.”

If you’re a mom, or know a mom who is looking for extra emotional support, we encourage you to read more about A Motivating Love, featured in the November 2019 issue of DFWchild magazine, the Collin County edition, pages 53-54:

You can also get involved with AML by going to or email

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