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RxSmile | FOSD temporary closure due to Coronavirus – effective March 18

The American Dental Association announced recommendations for all dentists and orthodontists to restrict their practices on a temporary basis due to the COVID-19 issue.

Here at RxSmile Orthodontics | Frisco Oral Sleep Devices, we take medical issues very seriously and in response to this recommendation, we are choosing to temporarily slow down the rate of office visits by limiting visits and appointments to emergencies and mandatory issues only. COVID-19 has forced us to make extremely tough decisions about how to handle our business. We are aware that any decisions we make have a tremendous impact on our family, our employees, our patients and our community.

We will be doing our part in helping to “flatten the curve” that will hopefully prevent any spread of this virus and therefore save the lives of many of our loved ones who are in the most susceptible group to contract severe illness and death.

We will have limited team members at the office to handle calls and emergencies. We are also available via text: 972-318-2272 or email:

Please be patient with our team, as we are all trying to do our best at this time to help get people rescheduled for a later date. Due to the fast-changing nature of the COVID-19 issue, time frames are yet to be determined depending on circumstances as they unfold. Rest assured we want to continue your treatment as much as you do. And again, this is a temporary measure and we understand the need for prevention.

I have spent the last 30 years building a small family-owned business. And I take tremendous pride in being able to offer a fun-loving, safe work environment for so many individuals. Never in a million years did we think we would be faced with an occasion like this. As a small business owner, I am always aware of uncertainties and hiccups in the road, but I have no doubt that our practice, our team, our patients and our community will come out even stronger for it when this is over.

All of us at RxSmile Orthodontics | Frisco Oral Sleep Devices will continue to work ON our business while we wait to get back providing excellent care for all of our patients. We choose to focus on what we can control and how we can help our community. We should all try to be mindful, stay in the moment, and help each other succeed through all of these difficult times. We want our community to feel safe and comforted.

– Dr. Greg Greenberg

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