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The Process Of Getting Customized Invisalign Braces

Customized Invisalign Braces

What Is The Process Of Getting Customized Invisalign Clear Braces?

Clear braces like Invisalign are high-quality plastic aligner trays used to move a person’s teeth to a better alignment. They are a discreet way to straighten teeth, and they make teeth straightening attainable for those who do not want to wear those visible traditional metal braces.

The Process Of Invisible Braces

To start the journey of Invisalign clear aligners in Frisco, the first step is to consult with an orthodontist in Frisco. On your first visit to our dental office, your teeth will be examined to look for any signs of poor oral health & teeth alignment. The dentist might use X-rays to evaluate the condition of the patient’s jaw.

The patient is provided knowledge about invisible braces like Invisalign and other appliances that are used to enhance teeth alignments, like traditional metal braces, and ceramic braces. Invisible braces are used to fix most teeth alignment issues. Once both the patient & the dentist agree that invisible braces like Invisalign are perfect for teeth alignment, the dentist will take a digital impression of the patient’s teeth. The images are displayed on a screen to show simulations of the patient’s teeth & how they will look throughout the whole orthodontic treatment.

Once the dentist is satisfied, the 3-D digital impression is sent to a dental lab that creates appliances like Invisalign clear braces. It usually takes about two weeks for the lab to create the customized Invisalign tray and get it back to the dental office.

When the aligner trays are ready to be placed over the patient’s teeth, the dentist calls up for a second visit. The patient is trained on how to insert, remove and clean their trays. They also get instructions on when to & when not to take out the aligner tray and how long they should wear them each day. For most patients, the wearing time is between 20 to 22 hours per day.

But, it is up to the patient to be disciplined about wearing their clear aligner trays. They will get many trays throughout their treatment, and these should be worn in a precise order. Each tray must be worn for two weeks before you move on to the next tray. Each tray further down the line gets the patient’s teeth nearer to the wanted position.

The benefit that patients can get out of invisible braces is that they are hard to catch when worn. But this is not the same case with traditional metal braces, that is why many people prefer to straighten their teeth with clear aligners.

Benefits Of Invisible Braces

Here are the reasons that patients should consider before getting invisible braces:

  • Invisible devices are barely noticeable when worn
  • Clear aligners provide more comfortable orthodontic treatment
  • Invisible braces do not get in the way of eating or practising oral hygiene
  • Treatment times are usually briefer

Get Straighter Teeth With Invisalign In Frisco

You do not have to longer live your life with an uneven or crooked smile. Contact us at our dental office in Frisco, to get a pair of Invisalign aligner trays to get started on your teeth straightening procedure. Also, our dentist will enlighten you about your different orthodontic treatment alternatives.

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