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What to Expect when your Braces Come Off

The day you get your braces off has been described as one of the most enjoyable days in a person’s life. Having the perfectly aligned teeth you always wanted is a joy to behold in the mirror. Knowing what to expect and how to care for your new smile, when that day finally comes, can promote a lifetime of oral health and great visual appearance.

The process of having your braces removed can raise some common questions such as:

Will I have advance notice that my braces are going to come off?
Your orthodontist will most likely have told you at your last adjustment that he expects you’ll be ready to have your braces removed at the next visit. However, this is only their best guess – if your teeth move unexpectedly, or not enough, between appointments, removal may be postponed.

What should I expect?
The orthodontist will use pliers to remove all the brackets, thoroughly scrape and clean all the glue off your teeth, and take a mold for your new retainer. If a patient were to attempt whitening before removal of all the cementing materials, the process could result in uneven whitening.

What will my teeth look like?
How your teeth will look depends entirely on how well you cared for them while wearing braces. They may look perfect if you cared for them well, or they may be stained with yellow tartar and marks underneath the bands called “white scars” if you did a poor job.

What’s next?
What to expect when braces come off?Don’t expect to be completely finished with the orthodontist . ALL our patients need to wear a retainer after they get their braces off to hold the teeth in their new positions. We recommend wearing retainers forever to prevent teeth from slowly shifting out of place.

How should I care for teeth afterwards?
Your teeth and gums will be a bit sensitive at first. Don’t immediately rush out and binge on crunchy and chewy previously forbidden foods – ease into it.

Tips for dealing with your new retainer
It will be difficult to speak at first, and you may have a lisp. If you practice speaking, reading aloud, this will go away in a day or so. It is the best way to get your mouth used to working around the plastic and wires.

You may also find yourself drooling or dealing with extra saliva at first. This is normal and will go away after the first day or two.

If you are interested in improving your smile with professional teeth whitening, please call 972 335 1300 Monday through Thursday, or submit an online appointment request and we will respond within one business day.

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