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Commonly Asked Questions

The RxSmile Orthodontics admin. and clinical teams answer some commonly asked orthodontic office and treatment related questions.

Commonly asked Orthodontic Questions, answered by the RxSmile admin. team

We asked the RxSmile Frisco Orthodontics administrative team to help answer some commonly asked orthodontic office questions:

Q) At RxSmile, do our appointments cost?
A) New patient appointments are complimentary. Patients who are in active treatment, their appointment fees are factored into their overall cost.

Q) Can patients at RxSmile come in the same day that they call?
A) If we can accommodate on the schedule, then they can come in the same day. However, our schedule is typically booked about 2-3 weeks out.

Q) Is RxSmile open on the weekends?
A) We’re open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm.

Commonly asked Orthodontic Questions, answered by the RxSmile clinical team

We asked the RxSmile Frisco Orthodontics clinical team to help answer some commonly asked orthodontic treatment questions:

Q) Why do some kids need as second round of braces (what we call Phase II)?
A) Phase I is for opening the palate and allowing space for the permanent teeth to come in. Phase II is for whenever the permanent teeth come in, to correct your teeth so that your bite fits and that the teeth are perfectly straight.

Q) Why do we put brackets on baby teeth?
A) Those brackets aren’t actually moving the teeth, they’re just holding the wire in place so it doesn’t pop out.

Q) What are Invisalign attachments?
A) Invisalign attachments act as brackets to help move the teeth within the tray.

Q) In orthodontics, whether the patient has Invisalign or braces, why do we ask them to wear rubber bands?
A) Elastics are probably one of the most important parts of your braces or Invisalign treatment! Where the braces or Invisalign will align your teeth, (make them nice and pretty and straight), the elastics will move your jaw forward or backward. It’s super important to wear them as directed when we tell you, and to NOT discontinue them until we tell you!

Got more questions?

If you have additional questions not answered here, call the front office at (972) 335-1300 during our regular business hours Mon-Thur 8am-5pm. If you’re interested in starting orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, Invisalign First aligners for kids, or our passive self-ligating braces, please submit an online appointment request for a Complimentary Consultation.

“Wonderful experience! Every one was extremely nice and helpful from the time we walked in the door until we left. We will be making many visits over the next couple of years and I’m happy we choose Dr. Greenberg. We have three kids that will be in braces or in the process of getting to braces. Mira was the best! She took time with me and the kids explaining how things would work. She was patient and knowledgeable as we worked through pricing, insurance and plans, because three kids at once is a bit much to process! Everyone was so kid-friendly and they were all great with pictures, scans and braces! Well done everyone! Great overall environment!” – Jennifer H.

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